PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education)

All students, Years 7 to 11, follow the PSHE programme.

Aims of PSHE

To enable students to contribute to the school community and society as a whole by developing their own self-esteem, values, knowledge and understanding. There is a focus on personal awareness and development underlying the social concepts of ‘Citizenship’ and democracy.

Years 7 to 11 are taught by tutors for one hour per week in a ‘rolling’ period superimposed on the timetable. The content follows the curriculum guidelines and Schemes of Work established to cover both PSHE and Citizenship requirements.

Tutors are required to write lesson plans for a module from the Scheme of Work provided and deliver it across the year group to ensure equality of delivery.

Outside speakers, visiting drama groups and special events form a major part of the work. Careers education is delivered through the PSHE programme in Years 8 to 11. Also, students in Years 7 to 9 inclusive will be completing a Record of Achievement as part of their progress files and completing a reflective piece of writing on their participation in extra-curricular and community events. This will form part of their Citizenship assessment.

Monitoring of whole school events, the House system and charity fund raising offer a vast range of extra opportunities for Citizenship education. These have been tabulated and form a valuable addition to the taught programme.

Citizenship requirements have resulted in the inclusion of modules on Government, Politics, The Law and Global Citizenship. Units of work are well developed but open to staff interpretation. Teaching staff are expected to plan and share effective lessons with colleagues in the team.

Sixth Form PSHE Programme

The Sixth Form PSHE programme continues to build on the themes developed in the main school, with a particular focus on enriching the curriculum and preparing students for life beyond school. Talks from outside speakers, a Model United Nations, Careers talks and guidance, and a varied carousel delivered by the Sixth Form tutors provide a valuable and interesting programme for students in their final two years.