Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Grant Spending Review

For academic year 2022 – 2023

Pupil Premium Grant funding (PPG) received for the academic year was £37,378.

This was based on 38 eligible students, including 3 Previously Looked After Children.

Secondary Schools receive £985.00 per student.

Carry forward funds from previous years £35,519.

The main barriers of educational achievement faced by eligible students can occur at a number of levels.  For some girls there are gaps in attainment in English or Mathematics, which then become the prioritised targeted intervention.   Rapid and sustained progress is expected, due to the nature of the school and the cohort.   The students receive 1:1 lessons from their own highly experienced staff.   These are benchmarked against the contest of our school not the national picture.   It is expected that all students will achieve the grades 7 to 9 in English and Mathematics.

For some students, the barriers present as involvement in the life of the school and their overall wellbeing. Ours is a trip-rich school and many students play a musical instrument. We have studied the research about the benefits of learning a musical instrument and consider this to be an important spending priority to aid their overall academic progress and result in improved wellbeing and involvement in the life of the school through one of the many ensembles or orchestras. We also prioritise involvement in curriculum-related trips that will enhance learning and progress as well as the many enrichment day opportunities.

The effect of PPG spending is monitored by:

  • Deputy Headteacher, Pastoral
  • Business Manager
  • Year Leaders and the Pastoral Team
  • Finance Team


  1. Parent awareness of Pupil Premium availability and suggested interventions. Letter sent to all parents at the beginning of the academic year, highlighting school spending priorities and seeking parental suggestion for interventions for their daughter. High profile of students in receipt of Pupil Premium (minimal cost).
  1. High quality Teaching and Learning for all (no extra cost).
  2. Staff costs: £8,458.65. Year Leader time: Data tracking to identify any gaps in student progress and to monitor students closely. Work to remove any barriers to learning. Targeted extra 1:1 tuition prioritising Mathematics and English, as well as small group extra tuition.
  3. Revision Guide and resources: £1,989.88. Ensure students have access to relevant study materials.
  4. The full range of education experiences: £5,165.00. Trips and visits and enrichment activities including the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.
  5. Learning a musical instrument to maximise participation and in the life of the school and promote wellbeing and academic progress: £4,842.30.
  6. Loan of laptops (no extra cost): ensure all students who did not have access to a computer could complete their work at home, if required.
  7. Attendance and punctuality monitoring. (no extra cost)
  8. Uniform support – essential for attendance and wellbeing: £2,410.57
  9. Supported self-study: after-school study area available.   A Homework Club is available every Wednesday after school supervised by our Deputy Headteacher’s and sixth form students.
  10. Staff, Parent or child requests for educational materials (For example, calculator, maths set, art pencils, stationery, revision books for home use.)
  11. Study skills workshops run by Elevate an outside company who use young speakers to motivate students: £1,422.28
  12. Provision Map which is a Pupil Premium tracking tool which measures the effectiveness of spending: £1,356.66
  13. Mental Health Training for staff to ensure that our students always have someone trained to talk to if necessary and counselling costs: £9,432.60
  14. Life Coach Sessions for Year 8 which focused on dealing with performance anxiety, overcoming pressured situations, boosting self-esteem and building good habits: £250.00.  Maths Masterclass Enrichment Day for Year 11 students: £462.00

All PPG students have made progress in line with the rest of the cohort, and many have exceeded their targets.


The aims for the PPG spend during 2023–24 largely remain the same as for 2022-23 as they have demonstrated that they yield excellent outcomes.  We will look to increase spending for 1:1 English and Mathematics tuition and continue to provide study skills workshops with Elevate as the feedback was excellent.  We also aim to focus on CPD to ensure the spend is used to best enable our PPG students.

40 eligible students including 4 Previously Looked After Children

Anticipated Income: £38,295