Religious Studies

Why study Religious Studies at school, or Philosophy or Ethics for that matter? You certainly don’t need to be religious as our rigorously imaginative and academic exploration of key issues and beliefs takes place in a neutral environment where both faith and scepticism are acceptable stances.

Religious Studies and Philosophy investigate exciting, emotive and topical issues. This investigation will have an impact on you; morally, intellectually, culturally, psychologically and spiritually. We study where beliefs come from and their relevance in the world. We investigate new religious movements, and the teaching of six world religions and Humanism on key issues such as animal rights, war and peace and medical ethics. We investigate attempts to prove God’s existence and burning questions such as whether God knowingly allows suffering.

The Religious Studies learning programme anticipates and channels the impact of such enquiries, expecting you to discover more about yourself in finding out about faith, religion and secularism. You will be transformed by your encounter with RS. At the very least you will become a more considered thinker and be able to articulate that thinking more convincingly.

The RS department is committed to making learning stimulating and rewarding, we will demand from you the commitment to engage in thoughtful dialogue and precise analysis.