Chelmsford County High School provides outstanding education for the most able. It combines the strengths of an academic education, with a dynamic approach in response to the demands of our rapidly evolving global world.

We believe that our students have the potential to become ‘the leaders of tomorrow’. With us, they experience numerous opportunities to acquire knowledge, qualities and skills that will ensure their success as lifelong learners, who will have a significant impact on the future, in whichever field they choose.

Throughout their time at CCHS, our students are encouraged to take on leadership roles, develop their individual talents and contribute to the local and global community. They learn to take responsibility for themselves and others, become principled, reflective and articulate, whilst developing resilience and enjoying hard work, as well as fun activities and friendly competition. We have a broad curriculum, with a wide range of subjects at all levels which is particularly well suited to highly able students who have the ambition to continue their education in the most competitive universities in the UK and abroad.