Biology is an enormous subject that offers a diverse range of topics to study from the molecular level to whole organisms and ecosystems. The study of Biology at CCHS enables students to gain a broad understanding of key Biological principles and also equip them with a toolkit of skills that allows them to successfully understand the science they encounter in day to day life. There is a focus on developing clear understanding of Biology and Science in general and also in developing their skills of analysis and evaluation. It also develops your ability to comprehend and communicate your ideas orally and in writing and enables you to translate information to and from prose, graphs, numerical data, and diagrams.

Key Stage 3 Science

Biology is divided into a number of topics which span Years 7,  8 and the autumn term in Year 9. The emphasis is on scientific enquiry, such as scientific evidence and investigative skills, as well as biological knowledge, skills and understanding.

Key Stage 4 GCSE Biology

Students will study the AQA Biology Specification from the spring term in Year 9 and then throughout Years 10 and 11. The specification provides the basis for a wide range of studies which include cell structure, transport, homeostasis, evolution and human physiology. The content of the course and practical skills will be assessed through written examinations at the end of Year 11.
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A level Biology

A level Biology from the OCR Biology A specification is taught at CCHS.

The study of Biology in the Sixth Form is a good preparation for nearly every career because it teaches you to think clearly and analytically and can help with understanding scientific issues in the wider world, particularly the advances in genetics, medicine and in tissue engineering.

Extra-Curricular Biology

The Biology department offers a number of extra-curricular activities including:

  • Biology and Chemistry Society (run by Sixth Form Prefects)
  • Year 13 Field trip to Flatford Mill (ecological studies)
  • Biology Olympiad (Year 12/13)
  • Biology Challenge (Year 10)
  • CCHS Lecture series


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