CCHS Institute Essay Competition

October 2023 saw the launch of our new CCHS Institute Essay Competition. This will give all interested students the opportunity to show their ability to think and write about topics of interest beyond the taught curriculum and will provide valuable experience and training for other essay competitions, should they choose to enter in the future.

We are grateful to all students who entered the inaugural CCHS Institute Essay Competition; their ideas were fascinating and their arguments well reasoned.

We congratulate the following students who were awarded the three first prizes:

  • Vaishnavi in Year 13 whose essay tackled the question ‘Should we have borders?’
  • Devanshi in Year 11 whose essay answered the question ‘Did ‘Girl Power’ succeed?’
  • Abisola in Year 9 who wrote on whether or not ‘the proper use of emojis should be taught in school’.