At Chelmsford County High School we pride ourselves on the robust, proactive and dynamic pastoral system that we have in place to ensure that all of the girls reach their full potential academically and thrive as individuals. In Years 7 to 11, each year group has their own dedicated Year Leader who supports the form tutors in their year group. The Year Leaders monitor the academic progress of their girls and encourage them to make the most of all the opportunities on offer here at CCHS. Most girls thrive and journey through the school without any concerns, however from time to time some of the girls do need extra support and the pastoral team are here to offer that and remove any barriers to learning. We are committed to ensuring that all of our girls develop their self-confidence and we take every opportunity to celebrate achievement. We are working hard to promote emotional intelligence amongst our students as well as ensure that we nurture resilient young women who can compete with confidence in the world. We place great importance on impeccable standards of uniform and behaviour and we expect the girls to reflect our high standards in the community also.

In the Sixth Form, we build on the excellent work in the Main School. The two Year Leaders each support a team of tutors who will help guide the students through the transition to study at a more advanced level, the adjustment to the greater independence of life in the Sixth Form and the decisions to be made about higher education and future careers.

If you have a concern about your daughter please contact the Form Tutor in the first instance or the Year Leader. For more serious issues, you may contact the Assistant Headteacher responsible for the Main School, Miss Fiona Harrison, or for Sixth Form students, Dr Michael Palmer.

Assistant Headteacher – Pastoral  – Miss Fiona Harrison – Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
Year 7 Year Leader     Mrs Nina Lewis
Year 8 Year Leader     Mrs Hayley Busby
Year 9 Year Leader     Miss Charlotte Burnham
Year 10 Year Leader   Miss Georgie Sales
Year 11 Year Leader   Mrs Marion Chumbley

Assistant Headteacher – Sixth Form – Dr Michael Palmer –  Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL)
Year 12 Year Leader  Mrs Jacqui Hicks (maternity cover for Mrs Hiett)
Year 13 Year Leader  Mrs Hayley Ellen