The Music Department at CCHS is extremely active and vibrant, supporting students in both their curricular and extra-curricular enjoyment of music. Housed in a state of the art, self-contained facility opened in 2008 by Dame Evelyn Glennie the department boasts two large teaching rooms, five practice rooms, a two room recording studio and large open plan foyer. Each teaching room is equipped with PCs all running industry standard music software. The department also houses an extensive collection of musical instruments and a large sheet music library. The department enjoys popular standing among the students, and during break and lunchtimes the department is always full of students practising, studying and socialising.


During their time in Years 7-9 students follow a challenging curriculum exploring music aurally as well as through performance and composition. Students are encouraged to bring a musical instrument to every lesson.  Through our schemes of learning they explore the musical life of a host of nations and cultures and from a wide variety of historical periods.

At KS4 students follow the EDUQAS specification. They are required to gain an understanding of musical elements within a number of specific contexts ranging from the Baroque concerto to RnB. Students must complete two compositions and submit two performances, one solo and one ensemble over the course of the two years of study. They then undertake a listening exam which tests their knowledge of the different genres they have studied.

Should students opt to take music in the Sixth Form they will study the Eduqas specification. This course requires students to study three areas of study covering the Western Classical Tradition (1750-1900), Music of the 20th Century. These two areas require students to study three set works and also listen to a wide variety of music from different genres. The final area of study will look at different sub genres of jazz. These areas combined will form the basis of the end of course listening and appraising examination (40%). Students must also compose two pieces of music based on a chosen brief supplied by the board as well as a free choice piece (25%). Finally students will be expected to perform a recital lasting between 10-12 minutes to a visiting moderator. This recital must include a minimum of three separate pieces and of which two must be from different genres.