Transition Programme

As we welcome girls from such a wide geographical area, we take great efforts to ensure that our induction programme enables all to feel part of the CCHS community as swiftly as possible.

Summer Term

  • An optional sports programme over a series of weeks for all girls who have a place at CCHS. This is a great opportunity to try new sports and make new friends. Organised by the PE Department.
  • Individual Welcome Meeting with a senior teacher.
  • Pen -pal letter from a current Year 7 student.
  • Taster Day and picnic with Year 7 Pen pal.
  • Individual uniform fitting.


Induction Day without the rest of the school!  Girls take part in a treasure hunt and a ‘getting to know you’ session.

Parents are invited to a Parents’ Welcome Evening with refreshments and opportunities to meet their daughter’s tutor, view photos of their first few weeks and get to know the other parents.


Outdoor activities trip to consolidate friendships.

Years 8 to 10

Meet the Tutor Evening: presentations by students from the year group and a topical presentation from members of the Senior Leadership Team that allow opportunities for discussion about issues pertinent to that particular year group. Parents have the opportunity to talk to their daughter’s form tutor in a relaxed setting.

Don’t forget, that whilst most girls will happily sail through their school days trouble- free, we know that this is not the case for all. If your daughter is experiencing difficulties we are here to help. Please contact the Form Tutor for smaller concerns or your daughter’s Year Leader for a more significant issue. We will always aim to get back to you on the same day. Please be assured that our team of Year Leaders and Tutors are exceptional in their care for your daughters and care just as much about their wellbeing as their academic success. Some girls are referred for counselling in school and we are supported in this by the Sycamore Trust.