The Prince’s Teaching Institute

CCHS has a long and distinguished partnership with The Prince’s Teaching Institute (PTI). The PTI puts a premium on sharing and developing the subject knowledge of teachers. As a School, the subject specialism of our teachers is vital to us.

This is well demonstrated by the fact that CCHS teachers have written our Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) Curriculum. Moreover, this CCHS KS3 Curriculum itself has been devised with specialist subject knowledge as its core:

  • Content – core subject knowledge to foster disciplinary understanding. As a grammar school, specialist subject knowledge and rigour must be preserved and be our primary concern. This is clearly demonstrated by the breadth of specialist subjects that we offer.
  • Concepts – subject specific, as well as broad, open concepts, to encourage deep thinking. We are animated by an understanding of the importance of conceptual learning, within the framework of specialist subject knowledge acquisition. Allying core subject knowledge with a host of concepts creates opportunities for rich and challenging enquiry-focused learning.
  • Connections – cross-subject links to create interdisciplinary thinking. We work to exploit links between subjects to enrich both the learning experiences of students and the professional development of teachers. We think trans-disciplinary learning is important in a modern education system.
  • Competencies – attribute/skill development to produce well-rounded and versatile learners.  We aim to ensure that these and other competencies are brought forward and revealed at appropriate moments to fully capitalise on all learning opportunities.

Reformed (assessed with grades 9-1), GCSE and A level courses have enabled our highly-qualified and dedicated staff to review programmes of study and learning resources to ensure that our students are challenged and supported to achieve their best.

As an ambitious learning community, we strive to take all opportunities to share and develop both our academic and professional knowledge. See our CCHS Lecture Series information (Extra-Curricular section) for more on how we involve university academics in the life of our School.