CCHS Academic Honesty Agreement

Chelmsford County High School for Girls is committed to academic honesty and will ensure that all teachers, students and parents are aware of what this entails. The school presents this document as part of its effort to maintain the integrity of our academic processes. Academic honesty should be a concern of the entire school community, and a commitment to it must involve students, staff, parents and governors.

It is a matter of trust that all students at Chelmsford County High School for Girls will submit work which is their own, that is appropriately referenced and that all students will approach all aspects of their studies with integrity and honesty.


 Academic Honesty forms part of our ethical approach to education and is the foundation of ensuring that students’ work is produced with authenticity. Academic misconduct threatens the integrity of work and assessments and is taken seriously. Misconduct includes, but is not limited to:

  • Plagiarism: taking work, words, ideas, pictures, information, or anything that has been produced by someone else and submitting it for assessment as one’s own. This includes sourcing work from another student.
  • Copying: taking work of another student, with or without their knowledge and submitting it as one’s own.
  • Examination cheating: communicating with another candidate in an examination, bringing unauthorised material into an examination room, or consulting such material during an examination in order to gain an unfair advantage.
  • Duplication: submitting work that is substantially the same for assessment in different courses without the consent of all teachers involved.
  • Falsifying data: creating or altering data which have not been collected in an appropriate way
  • Collusion: helping another student to be academically dishonest.
  • Misuse of technology and Artificial Intelligence. Work produced by Artificial Intelligence is not considered to be the student’s own therefore AI must not be used to complete independent work. Where AI is used for research purposes it must be treated in the same way as any other source and appropriately credited and referenced in any bibliography (this may include text, images, graphs or data).

This agreement is shared with parents and students every academic year. Please contact Mrs Cross, Deputy Headteacher if you have any questions. If we do not hear from you our assumption will be that you accept the principles of this agreement.