German is a thriving subject with very successful examination results. All students take German and French from Years 7 to 9, arranged as tutor groups in Years 7 and 8 and mixed groups in Year 9. At the end of Year 9 the students choose their option subjects for GCSE.  One Modern Language is compulsory but two are encouraged.  German is a very popular option choice.

All students are currently entered for the Edexcel Certificate (iGCSE). The vast majority gain at least an A grade with about half of these gaining a starred A. From September 2016 all students will be entered for the Edexcel GCSE 1-9.


The course is based on a series of everyday situations in which the student might find herself when visiting a German-speaking country, or when encountering a native German speaker in this country and encourages enjoyment of the language and increasing fluency. It also promotes an awareness of broader issues in society at large and extends cultural awareness of German speaking countries. The content is defined in terms of the five Areas of Experience of the National Curriculum: Home and Abroad, Education and Employment, House, Home and Daily routines, The Modern World and the Environment, Social Activities, Fitness and Health.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The Department is very busy and runs many visits abroad.

  • At the end of Year 8 the whole year group travels to the Rhineland for 5 days, students in Years 9 and 10 can take part in the annual exchange with Chelmsford’s twin town, Backnang in Baden-Württemberg and we also run a work experience exchange with Backnang for Year 12 students.
  • We have also introduced a very successful visit to Berlin (in conjunction with the History and Religious Studies Department) for Year 10, with a particular focus on the making of modern Germany.
  • We also run many extra-curricular activities at school during the year, such as Junior and Senior Film Clubs, German News Club for the Sixth Form, and our GCSE Revision Clinic.
  • We often have a volunteer student from Germany who works with us for a period of time, offering conversation to the GCSE and A Level students. Where possible they also visit the lower school classes.