Drama and Theatre Studies

Years 7-9

Our Key Stage 3 course is designed to develop students’ communication, co-operation and confidence. We develop various transferable skills through drama games and activities.

We begin with more basic dramatic skills in Year 7 and develop these across the three years to build up the skills in the students’ tool box. We use varied scripts from ‘Clever Else’ and Melodrama in Year 7 through to more hard hitting drama like ‘Hard to Swallow’ in Year 9, which uses physical theatre to explore a true story. We also develop the girl skills in devising and improvising drama.


Our GCSE Drama course is very practical and supports girls to develop their ability to perform and articulate well for an audience.  Many professions, other than acting require this skill and the girls enjoy lessons.

We study AQA GCSE, which includes a written examination at the end of the course. The students undertake two pieces of practical coursework and achieve a mark for their performance and also for a written report on the process. We take our students to visit the theatre at least three times during their course so they are able to see professional theatre in various styles.

A Level

The A Level course continues to develop the creativity and confidence of our girls. It is an academic course respected by universities. We follow the AQA A-level course which follows on nicely from our GCSE, where the students have built up a strong skill base to extend their studies. The girls study a number of challenging texts and styles such as Greek Theatre, Commedia dell’arte and Berkoff. There are 3 sections to answer on the written examination at the end of the course and also two coursework projects. The coursework makes up 60% of the assessment and is comprised of both performance and written marks.

Extra-Curricular Activities

These are listed in our Drama section and include lunchtime clubs for the lower years. We also have a school production, whether it be a school play or musical open to various year groups each year. Some of our past successes have included ‘Wizard of Oz’, ‘Joseph’, ‘Pygmalion’ and entries into the Shakespeare for Schools Festival.