Physics is the experimental study of the physical world. It covers a wide spectrum of the simple phenomena and mathematics that make our universe what it is. Students are taught to think critically about the world and there is a great emphasis on problem solving in the course. Students will learn the fundamentals that govern the behaviour of matter and energy, and will be able to find mathematical solutions to problems.

Where there is no mathematical model, students will develop their ability to interpret physical models and build their explanatory skills in being able to articulate the reason behind physical phenomena.

Extra-Curricular Physics

The department offers a number of extra-curricular activities including:

  • Physics- Engineering Society (run by Sixth Form prefects).
  • Year 12 Field trip to Adventure Island (practical applications of mechanics)
  • Physics Olympiad (Year 12/13)
  • Senior Physics Challenge (Year 12)
  • Intermediate Physics Challenge (Year 11)
  • Arkwright Scholarship Programme
  • CCHS Institute and Science Live Lectures by prominent scientists
  • Industrial Cadets Bronze Project
  • Industrial Cadets Gold Project
  • Year 7&8 STEM Roadshow