House System


  • C:  Curie, Marie
  • H:  Hepburn, Audrey
  • S:  Stewart, Miranda
  • F:  Frank, Anne
  • G:  Grey-Thompson, Tanni
  • A:  Angelou, Maya

The House system at Chelmsford County High School is an essential part of the school community and provides friendly but fierce competition for all to get involved in. Dating back to 1925, the long-lasting House legacy is as strong today as it has always been, though under slightly different names; originally there were four Houses that were named after governors of the school: Chancellor – Hulton – Pennefather – Tancock.

Four Houses were then made three in 1986 and renamed C, H and S – standing for Chelmsford High School. In September 1996 G House was introduced owing to the increase of students on roll; this new House won the House Shield eight times in the first fifteen years of its existence. In 2011 the Houses were renamed again, this time after inspirational women: Curie, Grey-Thompson, Hepburn and Stewart, following a student vote.

In 2015, four Houses became five as the School intake increased to 150 students in Year 7. This time, F House, or Frank House, was introduced and they became extremely competitive from the start.  In September 2020, A House, or Angelou House was introduced as the Sixth House following an increase intake in Year 7 to 180 students.

The Houses are completely run by the students; after an application and interview process, House Officials are appointed in the February of Year 12 and their term of office runs for a Calendar year, culminating in the awarding of the House Shield at Christmas. New entrants to the Sixth Form and all teachers are also allocated to a House and join in with great enthusiasm in the endeavour to lead their House to victory.

Previous House Captains have commented that “The House system is a way of uniting students of all years- whether you are in C, H, S, F, or G you will find bonds with girls older or younger than you that you never knew you could have. Whether your talents lie in sport, music or art, there is a place for everyone inside every House, and once you have found it, the moments you will not forget for the rest of your life will begin. Most importantly, in every House, you are always amongst friends.”

Competitions form an important part of the House system and points are collected throughout the year in exciting House events such as House Pancakes, House Show, House Decorated Classroom and House Karaoke. There are also several House events that include sports, such as House Winter Games and Sports Day. One of the most favoured House events of the year is undoubtedly House Cakes. Every year new inventions are created, ranging from decorated fairy cakes to the extreme giant sculptures of teachers or the school logo, always within the theme of the School’s Birthday.