International coalition of girls’ schools

Advocating for Girls’ Schools

In July 2022, CCHS became one of the founding UK schools of the International Coalition of Girls’ Schools (ICGS). ICGS is now the leading advocate for girls’ schools globally. In an important development, the 185 member schools of the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia (AGSA) will officially join with ICGS. The merger will be complete in January 2024. This effort will unite more than 550 girls’ schools across 21 countries, representing more than 350,000 students.

The work of ICGS is to advance the mission of girls’ schools. Girls’ schools play a vital role in educating and empowering girls, which is essential to overcoming our world’s greatest challenges, from climate change to human rights, from global health to sustainable human development. The purpose of ICGS is to nurture the girls who will become the indispensable women leaders of tomorrow. We, at CCHS, will continue our work and commitment to excellence in girls’ education and empowerment. When it comes to girls’ education, there is always more we can do, together.

To understand more about the power and importance of girls’ schools, please view the films below.