Enrichment Days

Chelmsford County High School for Girls offers an exciting programme of Enrichment Days, which takes place over five days throughout the academic year. The context for these days relates to our curriculum and extra-curricular provision. Our curriculum remains academic and challenging. The School community is rightly proud of the vibrant range of extra-curricular activities on offer. The Enrichment Days are a means to bridge these two vital areas of School life. Such days allow staff to devise activities which complement and evolve classroom-based work, and to harness the dynamism and flexibility of our extra-curricular provision.

The Enrichment Days include school-based events, trips to museums and art galleries, visits to sites of historical significance overseas and presentations by guest speakers. All of these activities are animated by a desire to offer students further opportunities to not only acquire new knowledge and understanding, but also, significantly, to develop skills and habits, which help broaden horizons and strengthen character.

A great deal of creativity and industry is evident in the Enrichment Days programme, and staff, both teaching and support, are to be thanked and congratulated for this.