Recruitment Policy


This document sets out the safer recruitment and selection procedures which will be followed at the school and provides employees who have responsibility for recruitment and selection with guidance on legal requirements and best practice.


Children are likely to perceive all adults in the school as safe and trustworthy adults. The principles described in this policy will therefore be applied in relation to everyone who applies to work in the school including:

  • staff employed on a permanent basis,
  • temporary and casual staff
  • unpaid volunteers (see Section 6)
  • overseas workers (guidance available from UK Border Agency
  • those employed by external organisations such as supply agencies (see Section 7)
  • where appropriate contractors and self-employed persons.

Roles and Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the Governing Body to:

  • ensure there are effective policies and procedures in place for the safe recruitment of all staff and volunteers and for the engagement of other adults in accordance with DfE guidance and legal requirements;
  • monitor compliance with those polices and procedure;
  • elect a selection panel of at least three of its members for the appointment of headteachers and deputy headteachers. The panel will, in the case of deputy headteacher appointments, include the headteacher.

Policy Statement

For the School’s Recruitment & Selection Policy Statement, please click on the link below: