Chelmsford County High School prides itself on offering a broad and enriching experience for students. To this end, we recognise that learning does not take place only in the classroom. Extra-curricular activities allow students to deepen their interests and broaden their horizons. It is for these reasons that we strongly advise students to become involved so they can become full members of the School community. A rich and vibrant culture of extra-curricular activities exists at the School. Students participate in activities during lunchtimes, after school and over weekends and many of these activities are led by students themselves. Such activities clearly feed into our mission and aims as a School. Crucially, these activities allow students to organise and take responsibility for events, thus allowing them to develop their leadership skills.

We have two main strands of extra-curricular work:

Academic Enrichment gives students the opportunity to develop their knowledge and love of their subjects beyond the syllabi they study in lessons. This can include subject focused work on one of our three Enrichment Days, lectures from visiting academics, regular societies led by staff or senior students and visits to galleries, museums, performances and sites of interest.

Wider Enrichment gives students huge opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge in ways that complement their success in their academic learning. CCHS is hugely proud of the range of activities we support; these range from Musical Ensembles, Dance, Drama and Sport to Duke of Edinburgh’s Award via our Global Citizenship work and our Year 12 Community Service initiative. Students are also involved in outreach to primary schools as part of our Fair Access Work, encouraging students from all backgrounds to apply to CCHS.