2022 Leadership Conference

Another successful annual Year 11 Leadership Conference was held today; organised by the students, with assistance from staff and the Parents’ Association.  This year’s theme was ‘The Diversity of Success’.  Thank you to Miss Burnham for leading the girls on a superb day.

Guest speakers included: Mitra Janes, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, for GBM and CMB at HSBC; Alison Jackson-Carter, Head of Corporate Communications; Ella Jerman, Social Media Manager; Verity Wilde, Assistant Editor at BBC Minute and Heather Melville, OBE, CCMI, JP, Director and Head of Client Experience of PricewaterhouseCoopers.

We thank Birkett Long who sponsored the conference, and Thomas Emmett who ran workshops on ‘Running a Business’.

Student workshops included:  Zen Studio; A little Taste of South India; Fashion around the World; Upcycling; Stop-Motion Animation; and Sign Language.