Careers Leader:                 Dr Alexander Hiner:

UCAS Co-ordinator:        Mrs Amy Hopkins:

Current Careers Provision by Year Group

Year 8 PSHE sessions using the Real Game along with Fast Tomato and e-Clips web sites to begin to explore some ideas of the range of careers that will be available to the students.

Year 9 PSHE sessions allowing the students to continue to explore and develop their understanding of the world of work and to self-assess their interests, qualities and abilities.

GCSE Options evening:  Students receive careers advice at to ensure they continue to study the best set of subjects for them.

Careers Evening:  for students to meet representatives from companies and higher education institutions.

Year 10 PSHE sessions extending students’ career profiling using Fast Tomato and access to e-Clips, the preparation of CVs and application letters, and skills checking with the National Careers Service.

Two Enrichment Days – Futures Day with Dragon’s Den-style activity and Higher Education Day.

Year 11 PSHE sessions introducing the UCAS website to the students so they can start to explore the wide range of courses available in higher education institutions and the A level subjects and grades required. Students find out about writing a personal statement and have further access to the National Careers Service web site.

Students receive advice at the Sixth Form Open Evening on A level subjects that will help them if they already have a career in mind or if they wish to keep their options as open as possible for the future.

Students also have the opportunity to receive an individual careers interview with Directions.

Year 12 Extensive PSHE sessions covering the application process for UCAS including selecting a suitable course/institution for them and writing an effective personal statement.

Students are offered evening talks about higher education and Oxbridge. An enrichment day is dedicated to higher education and other opportunities.  The Careers Evening offers students the opportunity to meet employers and consider the various options available for further study and professional development post-school.

Students can hone their entrepreneurial skills by participating in the Young Enterprise Competition.

Students are made aware of a range of courses, lectures, work placements and other events open to them to enhance their attractiveness to future employers and higher education institutions.

Year 13 Students receive continued support with completing their UCAS applications and if they have decided to explore other options for their futures.

The Parents’ Association offer a range of Mock Interviews to students seeking future careers in a wide range of specialist areas; these are held by parents and friends of the school.

Students are supported post A level results.  Data about their destinations are collected (within the legal framework for data protection).

The impact of Careers Education and Advice

CCHS alumnae go on to pursue successful careers in a broad range of professions, including medicine, law, business, academia, diplomacy, research in all fields, the creative arts and music.

We regularly welcome back alumnae who talk to current students about their experiences after leaving school, and inspire them to consider a range of professional opportunities.

Wherever possible (within the legal framework) CCHS maintains a record of alumnae destinations to allow us to inform and advise current students.

Reviewing the provision of Careers Education and Advice

CCHS is currently working towards compliance with the Statutory Guidance from the DfE on Careers Guidance and Access for Education and Training Providers (2018) and full implementation of the Gatsby Benchmarks by the end of 2020.  During this time there will be changes to our careers guidance and activities with reviews of progress on a regular basis.