Working at CCHS

Thank you for your interest in joining the Chelmsford County High School for Girls (CCHS) community. First and foremost, we are a proud and progressive girls’ school. Working with able girls and young women is inspiring and important. The evidence demonstrates that girls educated in an all-girls’ environment,

  • show greater engagement in learning…
  • are more willing to take risks…
  • develop greater confidence…
  • are more likely to study science, mathematics, and engineering…
  • achieve higher academic results…
  • are more engaged in the world around them…
  • and are more likely to reach top leadership positions.

As a founding member of the International Coalition of Girls’ Schools (ICGS), which is the leading advocate for girls’ schools globally, we are committed to excellence in girls’ education and empowerment. You can find out more about working in girls’ schools by reviewing our ICGS information sheets below, which detail the girls’ school advantage.

Should you decide to apply and be successful, you will be joining a school which, from your first visit, will strike you as vibrant, bursting with energy and enthusiasm, and above all a very happy school. CCHS is a school which has retained the traditional values of a grammar school, whilst seizing opportunities for innovative practice in the education of able girls. Our school vision, ‘developing the leaders of tomorrow’, encapsulates our commitment to empowering our students in the pursuit of excellence, whilst achieving individual potential and making contributions to the local and global community.

The quality of teaching and learning is of prime importance in a school where all students aspire to the top GCSE and A level grades and enjoy a wide variety of enrichment and extra-curricular activities. As a community, we have very clear standards and expectations.  Our staff are highly professional and benefit from CPD provision, which is both progressive and creative, and provides opportunities for all staff to develop within their current positions, as well as acquire new skills, to prepare them for promotion. We have a very strong pastoral structure with Year Leaders responsible for the progress, care and guidance of all students.

We are committed to recruiting, developing and supporting excellent staff:

  • New Staff Induction Programme– new colleagues benefit from a comprehensive programme of support and guidance from their Department, Faculty and Pastoral teams.
  • Professional qualifications– we offer teaching staff the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of education by offering a contribution to the cost of a Master’s degree or an NPQ course.
  • Continuing Professional Development– we have well-established Professional Development Groups and School Development Groups, which provide staff with focused and personalised development programmes.
  • Leadership development– we have devised and run the ‘CCHS Leadership Programme’ to enable colleagues to secure leadership experience, as well as develop their existing practice, to facilitate career progression.
  • Wellbeing– we have a staff wellbeing group as part of a whole-school commitment to ensuring that all staff thrive in their professional roles.

As a school community, we are determined to ensure that staff are listened to and supported. Please see our ‘CCHS Commitment to Staff’ below. We have signed up to the DfE Education Workforce Wellbeing Charter, which can be accessed below.

If you think that CCHS can provide the challenges and opportunities that you are looking for, then we would be delighted to hear from you – thank you.

Stephen Lawlor,