The principal aim of the Geography Department is to allow students to develop a well-rounded knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live. As a result of a broad, wide-ranging curriculum, with topics varying from The Middle East to Plate Tectonics, the students will become more aware of the links between physical and human environments and the ways in which our world is changing over time and space. Within all schemes of work, students are provided with the opportunity to develop a range of geographical skills – including Ordnance Survey map skills, statistical and graphical skills, and extended writing skills. We also encourage deeper thinking about contemporary issues and events, supporting the students in undertaking research-based study and providing opportunities for engaging in geographical debate.

In addition to this, the department aims to provide students with the opportunity to explore and discover different cultures and environments, which will broaden their spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding of the world in which they live. As part of the GCSE and A Level courses, fieldwork is undertaken in Snowdonia and North Yorkshire, providing the students with the opportunity to develop their practical investigative skills. This also serves to fulfil the fieldwork requirements of the AQA specifications which are followed at these Key Stages.

The department also organises a residential trip to Iceland every two years for Sixth Form geographers, and has also collaborated with the Latin Department to visit the volcanic island of Sicily.

Beyond the classroom, the Geography Prefects in Year 10 organise the Young Hums lunchtime society for Key Stage 3 students, and the Year 12 Prefects organise the lunchtime GeogSoc – a discussion group for Key Stage 4 and 5 students.