Further Mathematics

The school offers the opportunity for Sixth Form students to study Further Mathematics A level in addition to normal A level Mathematics. This course is designed for the most mathematically able students and is most appropriate for those planning to study Mathematics, Physics or Engineering at University. The entry requirement to the course is grade 9/8 at GCSE.

The course develops further the student’s understanding of Mathematics and goes deeper intot he skills and knowledge base they acquire in the single Maths A Level. The most significant part is Pure Mathematics which is supported by modules in Mechanics, Statistics and Decision Mathematics.

For a candidate to be successful in this course they would need to have an intrinsic interest in the subject, a natural flair for it, and the desire to work hard.

We provide support to our students outside the classroom in the form of Maths clinics; we also use online media, for example YouTube and an interactive twitter feed which is popular with our sixth form students.

We use the Edexcel examination board for Further Mathematics as it best supports our goals and our students.