Parent & Student Feedback


  • Thank you again to all the staff, for your work in these difficult circumstances.  We do appreciate it.
  • A very big thank you to all the staff, teaching, admin, etc. for the great effort at keeping the school open for so long. They really, really appreciate it and hope we all have a chance to get a well-earned rest over the Christmas hols.
  • We just watched the virtual Christmas concert and wanted to let you know how fantastic we thought it was, and how much we thoroughly enjoyed it – exquisite. A real sparkle of light amongst all the doom and gloom we’ve had just lately. Brilliantly put together too. Thank you so much.
  • We have all faced challenges this year that we could not have predicted but throughout these difficult times you have managed to keep the CCHS community connected. We have been so impressed by the way the leadership team and staff at the school have managed to tackle everything that’s been thrown at them whilst continuing to inspire the girls and retain a sense of normality.  …… I cannot imagine how hard it must have been to navigate through the ever changing regulations, risk assessments and Health concerns. To manage the logistics of bubbles and building work.  Not to mention the chaos caused by the roadworks and the additional crossing patrol roles you have had to take on. …… Before you all take a well deserved break, we wanted to say ‘Thank you’ to you and all the teachers and staff at the school for everything you have done. Thank you for the reassuring emails and updates which have kept us informed, for the competitions, memories and moments that you have celebrated each week and most importantly for putting the safety and welfare of the girls and their education at the heart of everything you do. ….. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas.
  • As we are now at the end of the school year, we wanted to express our sincere gratitude to each and every one of you. This year has been a challenge for everyone, especially those in education. We know how difficult it has been to totally rethink the school day, the way everybody moves and eats on site as well as how difficult it has become to actually work in such a high-pressure environment.Our children’s welfare and that of you as a team, has been a clear priority and communication to the school as a community has been clear, thoughtful and well-intended.The site staff have done an amazing job as have the wonderful catering team, patient office staff, support team, library staff and teachers. We have witnessed the warmth that greets the girls each day, ensuring they are safe as they arrive and leave, with senior staff overseeing them.Teachers have gone above and beyond, and extra thanks go to Mrs. Adams for her wonderful and caring endeavours, along with Mrs. Greenland who has been a rock.Caring gestures such as those of Frau Bennett and Frau Cannon, who made activity packs for the girls over Christmas. Excellent teaching from the likes of Mr. Copper, who not only is an excellent teacher but very mindful of the wellbeing of his students. Mr. Hughes, Mrs. Chumbley, Mrs Jarvis, Mr Lodge, Miss Stone, so many we could personally mention for their uplifting lessons and ability to put a smile on the faces of the girls on the darkest of days.  Also, thanks to new staff who joined the school at the very worst time, and are adapting and making our girls feel valued and supported.Thanks also to the heads of year who are working hard to ensure the smooth running of their year groups in a rapidly changing environment.Warm conversation from the canteen team as the girls collect food is much apricated by our girls who frequently mention how kind the ladies are. They are always friendly and able to remember the names of the girls. Such interactions are really important, especially on tough days.From personal experience we want to say a huge thanks to the office team, who are the face and voice of CCHS every day. Always friendly and helpful, even when faced with difficult situations, it has not gone unnoticed.No doubt you all need a good break and rest to be with your own bubble this Christmas, and whatever form it may take, we wish each and every one of you a well-deserved break.
  • Just a quick note to thank you and your staff for all your efforts over this term. It must have taken a huge amount of work to keep the girls and staff safe whilst maintaining lessons, both in class and online.
  • I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to you for everything you have been doing in school, on behalf of myself, my husband and daughter. We have been so impressed with your care of and commitment to the students, and the communication of all the vital information in this very tricky time.  Our daughter has settled in happily and confidently and this was particularly shown by her being so pleased to be able to ‘go’ to school today after being poorly yesterday and missing out.
  • I just wanted to write to congratulate and thank you for the sensitive and supportive way your team have handled the cancelling of exams and closure of school. The rapidly arranged  leaving activities made a big difference and the understanding all the teachers and staff have shown have really helped my daughter to deal with the strange situation in which we find ourselves. So thank you all, so much; please know that your kindness and thoughtfulness are greatly appreciated.
  • Warm conversation from the canteen team as the girls collect food is much appreciated by our girls who frequently mention how kind the ladies are. They are always friendly and able to remember the names of the girls. Such interactions are really important, especially on tough days.
  • We just wanted to say a big thank you to yourself and all the staff at CCHS for this term. My daughter, started in Year 7 this September and has had an absolutely brilliant time.  We really appreciate the fact that you have all worked so hard to keep the school open and safe, and also managed to give them such a happy positive experience.
  • I would like to thank you and all the other staff at CCHS who over this difficult time have continued to provide the girls with fantastic teaching and support.
  • I am sure this is an extremely tough time for all staff, and has obviously been a strange and difficult term.  We really appreciate how the school has tackled this pandemic, and hope that all staff are able to have a well-deserved break over the Christmas period.
  • I just wanted to say thank you very much – since your chat with my daughter, she’s so much more encouraged again.  I’d also like to add how you and all the rest of the school staff deserve so much praise for how you’ve managed so brilliantly this year. We really do appreciate how lucky we are to be part of such a wonderful school.
  • In the unprecedented situation we all find ourselves in, we just wanted to express our gratitude to your staff for the amazing job you are all doing in these circumstances. The communication from yourselves has been clear and timely and the girls have been supported well by their teachers throughout.
  •  I wanted to thank your staff for the way you have handled the Coronavirus situation with our girls.   You have kept us updated daily with relevant information, links and have tried to do the very best for the girls wellbeing and their education. THANK YOU!!  After an emotional last day as a year 11 my daughter, is looking forward to being part of the school sixth in September!!
  • I have worked as a tutor & been a governor in other schools & I can honestly say that I have never experienced such a strong community spirit as in CCHS. This will see everyone through.
  •  I have no doubt that your team will do all they can to provide as much support for all the girls and parents, and I think you are all doing a marvellous job in extremely difficult circumstances. I have no doubt that we will all get through this, and perhaps emerge a little stronger as a result.
  • May I take this opportunity of thanking all the staff and school for their excellent handling of this difficult situation. The numerous updates and calm attitude portrayed in school is very much appreciated.
  •  Throughout this pandemic we have been thoroughly impressed by ‘team CCHS’, and the wonderful way you have all handled the situation. Teaching has been first class,  full of fun, with well-planned lessons. Communication has be excellent in every way. Concerns answered and adjustments made in the most wonderful way.  Pastoral care has been fantastic,  from Senco support, to teachers, head of years, support staff and in general to the whole school community. We can’t imagine how difficult this has been to plan and deliver. Please know that we are thankful for all of you and the work that you do.
  • Just reading Mr Lawlor’s message has prompted me to write and say a massive thanks to all staff at CCHS for their immense support and thoughtfulness.  My daughter has felt empowered to do her work as normally as possible and we are supremely confident that this isn’t going to impact negatively on her education. She’s also been able to continue with her piano lessons via zoom which has been a joy to listen to!  Thank you 1 million times over for all the effort and hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make this difficult time feel so positive.

Year 13 2018

  • Thank you to all the staff who have taught, or had dealings with our daughter over the last 7 years, she has enjoyed her time at CCHS and flourished.  The well-being of the girls is clearly a top priority at CCHS.
  • I would like to thank you for all the kindness and support you offered our daughter during her time at CCHS.  She would not be the strong person she is now without the thoughtful attitude of the teachers.

Year 13 Report replies

  • My daughter has really enjoyed her time at CCHS.  The school has really contributed to laying a great foundation for her future.  Thank you and may we wish you all the best for the schools development.
  • We are delighted with our daughter’s final report, during her time at school she has developed into a confident and mature student with an inquiring mind and a thirst for knowledge.  We are deeply grateful for all the opportunities that she has experienced during her time and for the teachers who have both encouraged and inspired her.  We are sure she will hold fond memories of her time at CCHS.  We would like to thank everyone involved at the school for the help and assistance that she has received over the years and wish you all further success for the future.
  • We are delighted with our daughter’s work and progress, it has been a wonderful 7 years.  Thank you.
  • We have been involved with the school for 10 years now and would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone for all their help and support in giving both our daughters a great start in life – we will miss you all.
  • Thank you all so much for all your support during her ill health.

Year 9 Report replies

  • Thank you for this report. It is extremely pleasing to see her so happy and fully engaged with her learning opportunities – she is looking forward to the next steps in her academic and personal journey.
  • Thanks to all teachers for working so hard during the whole year, not just with our daughter, but with all the girls in the school for making sure the students reach their full potential.
  • We are really impressed with this report and thankful that she continues to grow and thrive because of the positive environment CCHS provides.
  • Thank you to all the staff for the unlimited and motivational support and effort you all provide.
  • Particularly gratifying is the progress she has made both in her academic work and with regard to her confidence and growing involvement in class discussion and extra curricular activities. We would like to express our thanks here to her classroom teachers, form tutor and head of year for their encouragement.
  • Many thanks for your fantastic curriculum and activities.