The Sunday Times Parent Power Guide and the CCHS Parent Survey

This weekend saw the publication of The Sunday Times Parent Power Guide. Some of the headlines in relation to our students’ achievements in GCSE and A level outcomes are noted below:

  • 1st in East Anglia, state girls’ schools (1st last year)
  •  3rd in East Anglia, all state schools (3rd last year)
  • 4th nationally, state girls’ schools (7th last year)
  • 12th nationally, all state schools (17th last year)

The following is noted in the newspaper by way of commentary:


Best Schools in East Anglia 2024Single-sex grammars top the regional charts by focusing on activities beyond the classroom 


Chelmsford County High School for Girls — whose motto is Vitai lampada ferimus (we bear the torch of life) — places at number three regionally and has climbed five places in the national rankings, from 17 to 12. 


Seven East Anglian state schools place in the national top 100, but there has been a slide in their performance, with Chelmsford County High School for Girls and Colchester Royal Grammar School the only schools in the regional top ten whose national rankings have improved.


What a testament to the talent and industry of staff, the ability and hard work of our students and the support and encouragement of parents. Indeed, it is our collective commitment to excellence in girls’ education and empowerment which allows us to conceive and live learning in such broad terms. This breadth of provision and experience in the classroom, through the pastoral and SEND systems, on the sports field, on the stage, during House events, across over 40 student clubs & societies and during educational trips are noted in the recent CCHS Parent Survey feedback:


Year 7

  • Fun and engaging lessons. Friendly and nice teachers.
  • I am very impressed with the enrichment activities and events…and the number and variety of clubs available.
  • A real strong sense of community and belonging. I like the homework logbooks; this really helps with responsibility. I think students are given adequate time to complete homework tasks.
  • My daughter is enjoying her time at school; she has made friends and she feels at home when at school. She is enjoying new subjects and the hands-on experience of science topics. We are also pleased to see a range of different assignments. We very much appreciate the work that the PA does to support the school.
  • The school makes it easy to keep in touch through the use of communication software.


Year 8

  • Excellent school. Staff are always approachable and friendly. My child is happy, supported and doing well. Incredibly impressive onboarding before she started, which put her at ease. Excellent pastoral care. Headteacher and all teaching staff appear to be the ideal mix of firm yet friendly. I consider my child very lucky to be able to attend the school.
  • I am impressed by the variety of clubs available and believe these are adding an important extra dimension to my daughter’s education.  I am also impressed by the dedication of the teachers and their willingness to help – I think this makes a significant difference to my daughter’s progress.
  • We love that CCHS is not just an academic hothouse, a possible danger for grammar schools, but embraces the whole child, valuing the extracurricular and pastoral side of things as much as the academic.
  • The school community is lovely. They are developing amazing caring girls. The enrichment days and extra activities really add happiness to the children’s day. The teachers are really enthusiastic and very knowledgeable in their subjects making the days fun. The school really cares about the girls’ wellbeing. My child is very happy at this school.
  • Empowerment of students and encouraging them to fulfil their potential.


Year 9

  • Holistic approach…You recognise them as individuals with their own strengths and passions. I think the extra touches such as karaoke competitions, interform sports competitions, decorate your class, etc. are fantastic.
  • Communication with individual teachers is positive and very helpful. Creative lesson planning by teachers motivates my daughter.
  • Academic excellence, continuous communication and encouragement. Nice friendly environment for students to excel.
  • Emphasis on both curriculum and extra-curricular activities.
  • CCHS’s communication with parents is top notch and as a result we know how and where to support our children. CCHS PA is an asset.


Year 10

  • Excellent pastoral support. Teachers are very proactive with this – respond and address emails promptly. Ambitious curriculum.
  • The SEND department are the most amazing, well-informed, caring and compassionate people.
  • Outward-looking approach, very good teaching methods, ambitious teaching and good behaviour expectations.
  • Students gain in independence by being encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, organisation and admin and are encouraged to help others and trusted to take leadership roles where appropriate.
  • My daughter particularly enjoys the House competitions, and the music and dance performances are outstanding!


Year 11

  • Extremely dedicated members of staff who inspire and motivate students. Very high expectations set for behaviour and academic achievement…Expectations are in line with students’ ability to achieve.
  • My daughter is always encouraged by all the teachers…to excel in her academic performance. She is supported by the teachers to participate in different STEM activities, English creative-writing competitions, etc.
  • My daughter feels challenged and engaged. I have always loved hearing about the interform competitions and the effort they all put in is brilliant.
  • A caring environment. I am very happy my daughter attends CCHS. Also CCHS is always seeking to improve, and is very forward thinking.
  • The school is very friendly and is a very positive environment in which to learn.


Year 12

  • The teaching staff encourage the girls to achieve their personal best in academic and extra-curricular activities.
  • Excellent academic success of students and staff who really care about their pupils.
  • SEN and pastoral support are outstanding. Leadership is excellent and every member of staff is empowered, positive, and genuinely cares for each student.
  • I particularly love the leadership opportunities offered across every school year.
  • The enrichment and leadership opportunities are numerous and allow my daughter to develop academically and personally, sometimes in areas that she wouldn’t ordinarily be drawn to.  CCHS has such a broad offer and is not an academic production line.  School leaders are willing to embrace change.


Year 13

  • My daughter has been extremely happy since she joined the Sixth Form last year. Academically she is doing well and…I found her teachers and pastoral care to be excellent.
  • The sense of community and mutual support amongst the girls.
  • Clear and strong leadership and encouraging students to take part in activities.
  • My daughter has been offered a wealth of enjoyable and challenging opportunities at CCHS – academic, extra-curricular and leadership. I have been delighted to watch her grow into a confident, independent adult.
  • My daughter’s time at CCHS has been happy and the school has worked hard to ensure she realises her potential.  The school is a nurturing environment and we are all very grateful for the time she has spent with you and know it has given her a solid grounding for the rest of her life.


These comments demonstrate the range of both the curricular and extracurricular opportunities provided to students across the school. Credit to school staff for their work and commitment. How fortunate we are to work with students who are keen to engage so fully and positively in school life.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Lawlor.