The course is designed for a beginner who has no previous experience of the language. It counts as a Standard Level subject in the IB programme, or can be taken by A level students as an additional subject.

Students of Russian are often inspired to take up a more exotic language, such as Arabic or Japanese, at university and it provides evidence of the ability to rise to such a challenge.

The ability to offer Russian is becoming an increasingly useful attribute in the global market place and it opens up the possibility of the study of further Slavonic Languages in the future. Study of a more unusual language, such as Russian is excellent preparation for university study in all subjects, providing evidence of personal communication and social skills and academic interest and commitment.

Course Overview

Grammar and skills are incorporated into topics in order to provide a context for developing language skills.  Students learn to manipulate a range of language for a variety of purposes.  Lessons include oral conversations, listening and reading tasks, grammar explanations and practice.

Homework will include text preparation, reading exercises, vocabulary learning, grammar practice, and written exercises, short and longer written pieces.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Russian for Fun Club