GCSE Results 2021

Posted: 12th August 2021

GCSE results, 2021

It is my privilege, on behalf of the CCHS community, to congratulate each one of our extraordinary Year 11 students for all that they have achieved during their GCSE studies, and indeed since they first joined their school – a community which has been inspired by their example.

Alongside Year 13 students, our GCSE students should be generously applauded for a relentless commitment to their education, an unswerving loyalty to each other, and a significant contribution to their school; particularly during the challenges of the past months.  Their ambition, friendships and community-spirit mean they are a joy to teach and support.

We are tremendously proud of each and every one of our remarkable Year 11 students.  Their peers, staff and parents provided a powerful blend of encouragement and recognition, deserving of this exceptional group of students.

With the changes and complexities to the GCSE results award system this year, we are now so looking forward to working with our students as they progress to Year 12 and begin their personalised programmes of Advanced Level courses.

This wonderful group of young women now take on the privileges and responsibilities of being senior students in their school.  We are blessed that they are here with us.  Our completed campus development project will provide them all with the 21st century facilities to meet their needs and to match their ambition.

The future is bright, exciting and full of opportunities for our students.

Mr S. Lawlor


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