Dame Margaret Joan Anstee, DCMG 1926-2016

Posted: 26th August 2016

CCHS mourns the passing one one of its most notable alumnae, Dame Margaret Joan Anstee, at the age of 90.

She was an inspiration to students past and present for international impact in her role at the United Nations.

Major accomplishments include:

  • First woman to reach the rank of Under Secretary General at the UN.
  • First woman to head a UN military peacekeeping force.
  • After 40 years at the UN, Dame Margaret served as a Special Advisor to the Bolivian government in relation to development and international finance.
  • She was a lecturer and author:
    • ‘Gate of the Sun:  A Prospect of Bolivia’.
    • ‘Orphan of the Cold War:  the Inside Story of the Collapse of the Angolan Peace Process 1992-93’;
    • ‘The House on the Sacred Lake’, a personal journey of her life in Bolivia, and
    •  ‘Never Learn to Type:  A Woman at the United Nations’.
  • She was awarded the inaugural UNA-UK Sir Brian Urquhart Award for Distinguished Service to the UN at the United Nations Day in 2011.
  • After leaving CCHS in 1940, she read Modern and Medieval Languages achieving a First-Class Degree at Newnham College, University of Cambridge.
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