How does CCHS celebrate British Values?

Posted: 7th April 2016

Here at CCHS, we not only embrace British values, but truly celebrate them and encourage others to respect and enjoy them too.  We strive to work hard to improve ourselves, our community and beyond – never forgetting our place in the diverse and globalised society in which we live. As a school, we love to learn and grow – with the seeds of excitement, enthusiasm and encouragement we cannot fail to blossom to our individual potentials.

We celebrate diversity in all its forms, not only respecting and tolerating people of different faiths, and of no faith, cultures and beliefs, but also learning from them. We place individual liberties and respect for the rule of Law at the very heart of our democratic values – we may live as individuals, but can never forget the fabric of society of which we are an integral part. We refuse to neglect those in crisis or in need of help.

With humility, we look back at our humble beginnings at school and with excitement; we look forward to our future in taking our place as Leaders of Tomorrow – serving humanity with the principles of excellence and compassion, wherever life may lead us.

By Ayesha Karim, Year 8

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