Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Spending Plans 2016 – 2017

Income PPG budget for 2016 – 17 = x 20 students @ £935 = £ 18, 700

Budget Plans.

  1. Data tracking to identify the gaps with scheduled support from the Finance Office. Senior member of staff to track students and monitor more closely. £ 2,600.
  2. High profile of students in receipt of Pupil Premium. High impact, low cost.
  3. Parent awareness of Pupil Premium availability and suggested interventions. High impact and low cost.
  4. Effective Teaching and Learning. High impact no extra cost.
  5. Careers information and advice, including our own Leadership Conference: £2,000
  6. Targeted support. 1:1 and small group extra tuition. £1,000
  7. Counselling to facilitate wellbeing. £1,000
  8. The full range of educational experiences: trips and visits. £ 6,000
  9. Learning a musical instrument to maximise participation in the life of the school and promote wellbeing and academic progress. £ 3,000
  10. Attendance and punctuality monitoring. High impact, low cost.
  11. Supported self-study: after-school study available in room 6. High impact, low cost.
  12. Staff, Parent or child requests for educational materials (For example, calculator, maths set, art pencils, stationary, revision books for home use.) £ 2,000
  13. (contingency for extra 1:1 or further leadership and learning opportunities that may arise during the academic year )

Parents, staff and students are involved in suggesting interventions. All students in receipt of the pupil premium are tracked and monitored carefully by their Year Leader. All students are making progress that is at least in line with the rest of their cohort and at times exceed the their target grades.