STEM activityYear group
Bronze CREST7
Silver CREST9
Engineering Education Scheme (EES) / Gold CREST12
Biology Challenge (online)10
Biology intermediate Olympiad12
Biology Olympiad13
Cambridge Chemistry Challenge12
Chemistry Olympiad13
Physics Challenge (online)10
Year 11 Physics Challenge11
AS Physics Challenge12
Physics Olympiad Round 113
Artful Physics11
Science week7-9 (Year 12 help)
Essay competitions for Royal College of Science Union Science Challenge and Newnham College Essay competition12-13
Nuffield Placements12
GlaxoSmithKline placements12
Sci Challenge7-11
Arkwright Scholarship11-12



STEM activityYear group
Junior UK Maths ChallengeYear 8 with 20 invitees from Year 7
Intermediate UK Maths ChallengeYear 10 with invitees from Year 11 and Year 9
Senior UK Maths ChallengeInvitees from Year 12 and Year 13
ASGS Student Conference ‘Inspiring Women in Mathematics’Year 10


Enrichment Days

Enrichment DayYear group
1Forensics day (new)9
3Scrapheap Challenge10
4Biology Field trip8
5Discovery CREST day7