In-Year Admission

Numbers and over-subscription for in-year entries in Years 8-11

In-year applications for places in these years will be tested if and when a place becomes available. Applicants at this stage who are not allocated a place will be refused admission and placed on our waiting list. They have the right to appeal. Where an in-year vacancy does occur because of a student leaving the roll of the School, all students on the waiting list will be invited to sit a test. The test will not aim to replicate the CCHS Entrance Test but will seek to establish whether the applicant can sustain the pace of the school’s classroom education and fit within the ability levels and parameters of achievement of the relevant year group. An age-related weighting is applied as some students who have taken the test in a previous sitting and not been successful are also considered. The place will be offered to the student with the highest score.

If a number of applicants are tested at the same time for a place or places and results of the tests indicate it is not possible to discriminate between the last two candidates qualifying for a place academically, preference will be given to an applicant who has a sibling currently in the school. If this does not resolve the matter, then preference will be given to the student(s) who live/s closest to the school by straight line measurement.

Re-submission and Timing of Applications

If an application for admission is unsuccessful, the student will remain in the order of merit for their year group. They will not be entitled to re-sit the entry examination during the key stage but will be considered for any future vacancies alongside any new applicants. A student who has taken a test for in-year admission in Key Stage 3 may be retested once they reach Key Stage 4.