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Senior Leadership Team

Mr Stephen Lawlor | Headteacher

Mrs Emma Ledwidge | Deputy Headteacher

Dr Michael Palmer | Assistant Headteacher/Head of Sixth Form and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Jo Cross | Assistant Headteacher, Teaching & Learning

Miss Fiona Harrison | Assistant Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Melissa Mulgrew | Business Manager


Miss Fiona Harrison | Assistant Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Dr Michael Palmer | Assistant Headteacher/Head of Sixth Form and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Katharine Adams | SENCO and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Pastoral Team

Miss Fiona Harrison | Assistant Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Nina Lewis | Year 7 Leader

Mrs Hayley Busby | Year 8 Leader

Miss Charlotte Burnham | Year 9 Leader

Miss Georgie Sales | Year 10 Leader

Mrs Marion Chumbley | Year 11 Leader

Mrs Amy Hopkins | Year 12 Leader

Mrs Hayley Ellen | Year 13 Leader


Mr Alex Hiner | Head of Careers

Higher Education

Mrs Amy Hopkins | Higher Education Advisor


Mr Jonathan Harvey | Subject Leader of Art

Miss Joanne Stevens

Mr Mark Bradford


Mr Mark Rowell | Subject Leader of Biology

Miss Amanda Bray

Mrs Sabina Buckley

Mrs Victoria Goksel


Dr Darren Noble | Subject Leader of Chemistry

Mrs Hayley Busby

Mrs Emma Hiett

Dr Alex Hiner

Mrs Emily Manning

Computer Science

Mrs Naushin Khan | Subject Leader of Computer Science

Mrs Nina Lewis


Mr Adam Selby | Subject Leader of Drama

Mrs Joanne Broughton


Mr John Moore | Subject Leader of Economics


Mr Matthew Carter | Subject Leader of English

Mr Brad Copper

Mrs Amy Cutmore

Miss Fiona Harrison

Miss Vanessa Kersey

Mrs Fiona Selden

Mr Terry Warner

Mrs Sheri Watt


Mrs Virginie Caffier | Subject Leader of French

Mrs Katharine Adams

Mrs Mary Jarvis

Miss Jaqueline Silverio


Miss Heidi Pocock | Faculty Leader for Humanities and Subject Leader of Geography

Mrs Amy Hopkins

Miss Jenny Vigrass


Ms Katharina Angerer | Subject Leader of German

Mrs Julie Bennett

Mrs Tina Cannon

Mrs Susan Gilbert

Government & Politics

Mr Tom Hughes

Mrs Tamara Saw

Mr Terry Warner


Mrs Nicole Dawson | Subject Leader of History (September 2021)

Mr Tom Hughes

Dr Michael Palmer

Mrs Tamara Saw

Mr Terry Warner


Mrs Katharine Adams


Mr Graham Lodge | Faculty Leader for Languages & Subject Leader of Latin

Miss Emma Cope


Mrs Ying Adams


Mrs Jo Cross | Faculty Leader of Mathematics, Computing and Economics

Mrs Jane Lockwood | Subject Leader of Mathematics

Mrs Marion Chumbley

Miss Stephanie Holt

Mr Aleks Goodier

Mr Martin Jones

Mr David Mitchell

Miss Bethany Stone


Mr Chris Lamberti | Director of Music

Mrs Sarah Clements


Miss Sarah Bellamy | Subject Leader of PE

Miss Charlotte Burnham

Mr Paul May

Miss Georgie Sales


Mrs Preena Kurian | Subject Leader of Physics

Dr Louise Cannon

Mrs Rhiannon Connolly


Mrs Hayley Ellen | Acting Subject Leader of Psychology

Religious Studies

Mrs Laurayne Onuegbu | Subject Leader of Religious Studies

Ms Audra Hill


Ms Celia Santos

Senior Assistant to the Headteacher

Mrs Hazel Bates


Mrs Lesley Hiskett | PA to Sixth Form Team

Mrs Rae Dale | Office Manager

Mrs Joanne Gross

Mrs Clare Davis

Mrs Lorraine Denihan

Mrs Jane Lewis

Mrs Clair Maslin

Mrs Wendy Newton | Clerk to Governors

Mrs Alison Pudney

Mrs Amanda Sheldon


Mrs Fiona Gilmour | Senior Finance Officer

Mrs Jessica Smith

Mrs Jennie Thrower

IT Support

Mr Tony Cable | IT Manager

Mrs Kalavati Patel


Mrs F Hassan | Examinations Officer

Mrs Joanne Reilly | Assistant Examinations Officer

Mrs Clare Davis | SIMS Data Assistant

Educational Support

Mrs Stephanie Church

Mr Simon French | Performing Arts Technician

Mrs Joanne Gross

Mrs Amanda Guilloux

Mrs Cathy Hurley | Technician Team Leader

Mrs Jenny Jordan

Mrs Fay Lodge

Mrs Lena Madle

Mrs Angela Martin | Student Resources Manager

Mr Peter Nicholls

Mrs Vivienne Sheehan

Mrs Rebekah Smith

Mr Charlie Whatson


Mr Richard Free | Site Manager

Mr Bryan Field

Mr Kevin Clark