The Sunday Times Parent Power Guide 2022

The recent BBC News Click programme (Saturday 10thDecember) featured a pioneering project in Scotland – the Glasgow Women’s Library. “This is the only accredited museum in the UK dedicated to women’s history and it’s filled with books that are about, for and by women. 20,000 books and half a million archived items here are providing a valuable resource for researchers and historians.”

It is often said that newspaper articles provide the first draft of history. If that is so, the recent Parent Power feature in The Sunday Times (11thDecember) provides inspiring news about girls’ schools. “Girls triumph in The Sunday Times Parent Power academic rankings…” We were delighted to see that last year’s GCSE and A level students from CCHS featured so prominently due to their tremendous work and achievements. Their results are ranked 18th in the country – a testament to the talent and effort of the students, the expertise and attention of our staff, and the care and support of their families. Indeed, the Year 11 GCSE results are ranked 4th in the country. The collective achievements of GCSE and A level students mean CCHS is the top-performing girls’ state school in East Anglia.


Importantly, “Parent Power also reveals that amid growing concern about children’s mental health after the pandemic, many leading girls-only schools…have set up or are planning wellbeing centres where girls can swiftly access psychological support and counselling…” We have developed our student services at CCHS, with our Pastoral Hub, Mental Health First Aider clinics each week, Young Carers drop-in sessions, as well as bespoke Art Therapy sessions, to name but some of our services.

Our leading work, as members of the UK Regional Advisory Board, with the ICGS (International Coalition of Girls’ Schools) demonstrates our active and ambitious commitment to excellence in girls’ education and empowerment.

Mr S. Lawlor, Headteacher