Chartwells, the school’s caterers, provide nourishing, appetising food. They ensure our students have nutritional and balanced meals each day, and the catering team works tirelessly to achieve this. Chartwells has a simple set of commitments:


Their commitment is to delight their customers with great tasting food, which contributes to their own well-being.


Their commitment is to enhance the understanding, fun and experience of their customers and team: creating the knowledge they need to lead a healthy life.


  • Their commitment to a safe and sustainably environment that supports the health and wellbeing of their customers, clients and the wider community.
  • Their menus are designed to encourage and promote a balanced meal choice.
  • Their menu choices are designed to encourage students to eat more fruit and vegetables.
  • They actively work with their suppliers to monitor the fat, salt and sugar levels of their food against target nutrient specifications, set by the Food Standards Agency.
  • They will minimise and eliminate, where possible, the use of additives within their food.
  • They actively work with suppliers to increase awareness and availability of sustainable products and packaging.
  • They are able to source a selection of organic and Fair-trade produce.
  • They provide food skills and nutritional training for catering staff.
  • They actively encourage students to learn more about food through a variety of activities. Encouraging students to make balanced choices about what they eat at school.

Fair Trade

A number of their current products are “FairTrade” certified:

  • Banana
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Fruit Flavoured Water
  • Fruit Pots
  • Sugar
  • Tuna (Dolphin Friendly)

Lunch Timetable

12.30pm 12.35pm 12.45pm 12.55pm
Monday Year 7 Year 10 & Year 11 Year 9 Year 8
Tuesday Year 7 Year 10 & Year 11 Year 9 Year 8
Wednesday Year 7 Year 10 & Year 11 Year 9 Year 8
Thursday Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 & Year 11
Friday Year 7 Year 10 & Year 11 Year 9 Year 8