ParentMail improves the communication between School and parents by utilising an email messaging system. This makes it quick and easy to send messages to parents and saves the School a considerable amount of time and money by reducing paper usage, photocopying and phone calls. The electronic reply slips feature (see instructions below) allows parents to provide information back to the School in an electronic format which can be quickly analysed by our administrative staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Problems logging on to the ParentMail website?

Sometimes PC security settings can be set too high and prevent you from logging on to the ParentMail website.

Here are some recommended tips;

  • Select TOOLS and then Internet Options (from the top of the browser window)
  • Select the SECURITY tab
  • Select the Green Trusted sites image, and then select the SITES button just below
  • Enter the full address of ParentMail i.e.  then choose OK
  • Select the PRIVACY tab, and then on the slider bar choose either the ‘low’ or ‘medium’ setting before selecting the APPLY button at the bottom. (You may need to experiment with this ‘cookie’ setting if you find that you cannot log in to your ParentMail account on the website).

Problems receiving emails at home?

The primary reason that parents do not receive ParentMail is because their ´internet service providers´ (ISPs) have routed the messages into a JUNK/SPAM folder. In some cases email can be removed/blocked before it even reaches your SPAM folders.

To prevent this, please ensure that the email address ‘’ is added to your trusted/approved list.

If you are using any personal PC security products i.e. Anti-Virus, Firewall, Anti-Spam or Anti-Spyware products, please be aware that these can also block certain incoming emails.

Receiving ParentMail messages at work

If you are registering a work email address to receive messages, you should be aware that your company may use spam filters to block messages from unrecognised senders. To avoid this, contact your IT department and request them to add ‘’ to their approved list of email senders.

To find out further information please visit the ParentMail website.