Combined Cadet Force

In the spring term of Year 8 students are given the opportunity to join the King Edward VI School Combined Cadet Force. CCF is an organisation under the aegis of the British Army, and is very similar to the Army Cadet Force. Cadets are offered the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of activities comprising both military skills (such as shooting, drill and field craft) and adventure training (such as climbing, canoeing and sailing). Many of the more adventurous activities take place at the unit’s two annual camps, which generally take place in the Easter holidays and in the last week of the summer term. There are also occasional weekend expeditions and training days, some of which may mean students miss school on a Monday or a Friday.

The unit’s regular training takes place on a Monday night after school at KEGS. Cadets are required to wear CCF uniform to attend this, and it has become the convention that they wear this uniform all day on a Monday.

For older students, membership of the CCF is sometimes the first step towards a career in the Armed Forces, and sixth formers interested in pursuing such a career are able (subject to selection) to take advantage of generous government scholarships and a wide variety of additional activities and training organised by the Forces.