Consultation on proposed changes to the Admissions Policy for September 2019 Entry

The Governing Body of Chelmsford County High School are currently considering changes to the Admissions Policy for entry into the School in September 2019.

Please note that the only non-administrative change from the 2018 Admissions Policy is the first prioritisation of Year 7 Looked After or Previously Looked After Children irrespective of the location of their permanent home address (Section 1.4 refers).

Any responses to the proposed changes should be sent to Mrs Wendy Newton, Clerk to Governors, by any of the following methods:

The statutory 6-week consultation period runs from Wednesday 6th December 2017 to Tuesday 16th January 2018.  All responses received will be presented to the Full Governing Body for their consideration in late January 2017.  The final decision on whether to approve the changes will be made by Governors at that stage and the determined (ie approved) policy will be published on the School website by 28th February 2018.