CCHS Reflections on the IB

As our IB students have gone on study leave for their final examinations, they have been reflecting on why they chose the IB course.

CCHS Reflections on the IB

Quotes from students – April 2015:

  • “Great programme, not for girls who want to coast.”
  • “Has improved my ability to study independently.”
  • “Argument for A’ Level students that they want to specialise is not a convincing one.”
  • “I think my university application stood out because I studied the IB.”
  • “It is great that the subjects complement each other, rather than being completely separate as with A’ Levels.”
  • “Teachers make themselves readily available to the students.”
  • “I was told at university open days that IB students are far better prepared for university study.”
  • “As a new student I have learnt so much from doing the IB: in particular learning to make my points clearly. I have been really motivated by the high standards of this school.”
  • “I am grateful for the sensitive yet pragmatic support I have received.”
  • “As a new student I was offered the IB. I didn’t originally want to study Chemistry at all and now I have offers to study it at university. I am so glad I did the IB.”
  • “Coming from another grammar school, CCHS has surpassed all my expectations.”

Reflections on the IB course by parents:

“I would like to make a particular comment about the School and the staff. This is an outstanding school with competent staff, up to helping children achieve well. Your help has played a big part in helping my daughter settle in at CCHS. Your outstanding work and the support to my daughter are amazing and encouraging. I am particularly impressed by the school organisation and the communication established between the school and parents.” By Year 13 parent – daughter joined CCHS in Year 12.